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Which Tennis Ball Brand is the Best?

Which Tennis Ball Brand is the Best?

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While there is a diverse array of quality tennis ball brands available on the market, there is no definitive “best” tennis ball brand. This is because manufacturers design their tennis balls according to a player’s level of expertise, usually at the beginner, intermediate, and pro levels. The best tennis balls are those that help a player optimize their performance during a game, regardless of what level they’re at.


Tennis balls are generally manufactured in Europe and in the USA. Slazenger, for instance, is the largest tennis ball brand in the United Kingdom, and sold over 30,000 tennis balls during the Wimbledon tournament. Tennis balls are designed to fit different kinds of tennis courts, which can be primarily grass, hard courts, clay, concrete, or asphalt. Most tennis balls are made with Melton cloth (which consists primarily of wool) or needle cloth (which are made of synthetic fiber).


The followindung guide will help you choose some of the best tennis balls for beginner, intermediate or pro level tennis player.


Pro Level: Penn Tennis Balls

Penn tennis balls are known for their versatility, and are designed to suit both hard and soft courts, as well as play in high altitudes. Their Encore technology combined with LongPlay felt contributes to their playability. Penn Tennis Balls are pressurized and built to be long-lasting, making it one of the most competitive tennis ball brands on the market.


Pro Level: Slazenger Tennis Balls

Slazenger offers a distinct advantage for pro players who prefer playing on grass and clay courts, as the company designs their tennis balls specifically for these surfaces. These tennis balls offer high levels of bounciness and durability and are more difficult to control, which is why they are more suited for experienced players. The Ultra VIS, particularly, was the tennis brand used extensively during the Wimbledon tournaments.


Intermediate Level: Dunlop Tennis Balls

Tier two Dunlop tennis balls are made for intermediate tennis players. While these tennis balls were not built for professional tournaments and are less durable than their pro counterparts, it’s a good transition tennis ball for beginners slowly making their way up to pro level. The most notable in this line is the Dunlop Abzorber tennis ball, which is designed to decrease the impact of force on a player’s arm by fifteen percent. This makes it a good choice for anyone suffering from tennis elbow.


Beginner Level: Dunlop Sports Championship Balls

This specific Dunlop tennis ball offers top quality in terms of playability, and is well loved by newbies and professionals alike. They are a little stiff in the beginning, but consistent in their bounce. The Dunlop Sports Championship ball works well both on practice and professional courts.


These are just a few of the great tennis ball brands available out there. Keep in mind that the best tennis ball brands are the ones that best suit the player and their level of experience. Before choosing a tennis ball brand to buy, it would be helpful to assess your needs as a tennis player and your corresponding level of expertise.